Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about ininal API services.

What is ininal API?

ininal API is the whole set of services that enable you to use all the financial services and infrastructure of ininal at your own programs, projects or company.

Is there any cost to use ininal APIs?

Using ininal API is totally free! Enjoy. :)

Can I use the ininal APIs in my projects?

Yes, you only need to register at ininal API Developer Portal.

Who can use this service?

ininal API services can be used by all projects within regulatory and legal boundaries.

What should I do to use the ininal API?

You need to register at ininal API Developer Portal.

Are the ininal APIs only for companies?

ininal API services can be used by all corporate companies, government institutions enterprises, SMEs, students and software developers who want to create value in the field of financial technologies.

Which services can I use?

You can access all services in the Users, Cards, and Transactions categories in accordance with your authorization.

What can I do with these services?

You can integrate ininal services to your application/project using ininal APIs. You can create an ininal account for your user, and add a virtual ininal card for that user who has an ininal account. Also, you can view the transactions of all the cards you have created or added, and you can top-up money at any time you want.

How can I access the ininal API?

You can generate your own API Key and Secret Key by registering to the ininal Developer Portal. With these keys you can start using ininal API services.

I got my access keys, what shall I do now?##

You can look at the Authentication API page for information on accessing ininal services.

How is data security provided?

ininal is an electronic money institution audited by the Turkish Republic Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. In this framework, all your data are stored in industry standards. User information is never shared with third parties without individual permission.