General Information

Basic rules for the use of ininal cards and users.

"ininal Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri A.Ş." is an electronic money institution audited by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency under the laws and obligations of the Republic of Turkey and liable to comply with the Financial Crimes Investigation Board regulations. There are rules that are obliged to comply with in the framework of this law and obligations. These rules and general working principles of ininal are categorized and listed below.

Card Details##

  • ininal cards can be used as anonymous or personalized.
  • An ininal card will be at anonymous status when a virtual or physical ininal card is generated.
  • Anonymous cards can be topped-up once. The maximum loadable limit of a one time transaction is 300 TRY.
  • ininal cards will be available for 3D secure payments within a maximum of 48 hours after personalization.
  • There will be no charge for ininal cards in the test environment. The cards used in the production environment are subject to the fare details on the Fees page.

Top-Up Money Details##

  • When anonymous ininal cards are personalized, they can be topped-up up to 750 TRY each month. However, any card can not exceed 750 TRY. On the first day of each month, the monthly top-up limit is updated to 750 TRY again.

User Details##

  • In order for a user to be registered, each user GSM number and e-mail address must be unique.
  • In production environment, TR identification information (TR ID, Name, Surname, Date of Birth) must be submitted in the user's TR ID as it is written.
  • Identity information can also be verified at
  • People under the age of 12 can not register.
  • Up to 3 ininal cards can be added to a user.
  • To add a card to a user, the mobile number must be verified.
  • When the user is first created, it is created with the status "GSM can not be verified." To add a card to the user, the phone number must be verified by sending a one-time password and a one-time password verification service.