ininal Token Structure

User and card token structure used in ininal API services.

ininal Token Structure##

All transactions with ininal API services are performed via tokens created specifically for each individual user and individual card. Just as every single user has a unique user-token, every single ininal card has a unique card-token. These tokens are used when making requests to API services.

Services that are using User Token##

  • Generated anonymous Virtual Card can be added to a user account.
  • A virtual card can be assigned to a user account when a virtual card is created by using the Create Virtual Card service.
  • A physical ininal card can be assigned to a user account usign Card Assign service.
  • ininal cards that are assigned to a user can ben listed with User Card Information service.
  • The phone number of users that numbers are not verified yet can be updated by using Update GSM Number service.
  • To verify the GSM number of the user account, a one time password can be sent to the registered GSM number of the user by using the Send OTP. The sent one time password can be validate by using Verify OTP service.

Services that are using Card Token##

  • Physical or virtual ininal card information can be listed by using Card Information service.
  • An ininal card can be topped-up by using Load Balance service and card barcode number.
  • An instant balance can be shown by using Query Card Balance service.
  • ininal card transactions can be listed by using Card Transactions Query service between the dates that are sellected.
  • To turn off/on an ininal card, card status can be changed by using Update Card Status service.
  • Card PIN can be reset or updated by using Card PIN Operations service.

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