Applications, projects and mass payment solutions developed using ininal API services.


BiTaksi was looking for a quick and less costly method of transferring the amount of money that collects from the users' credit card to the taxi drivers.BiTaksi, who wanted to meet the needs of taxi drivers, had to make payment to the drivers twice a day. However, both the lack of a bank account of the taxi drivers and the high costs and time constraints of bank transfers made it impossible to achieve the desired efficiency. Instead of having to open an account from one bank to the individual taxi drivers and operationally making a continuous transfer, BiTaksi solved the payment problem with ininal APIs.

BiTaksi was able to make instant payments to its drivers using ininal APIs. While avoiding the high costs of the banks, it was relieved of both the operational work load and the necessity of performing operations within working hours.


You can go to all cinemas in Turkey without limit by using Sinemia Premium. Sinemia was providing this feature with cinema vouchers, passcodes and discounted tickets that they had distributed to their users. However, the problems of distribution of coupons and access codes, and the inability to follow up, made Sinemia's work harder.

Sinemia has made it possible for users who want to go any time of day and hour to upload their balance instantly by using ininal APIs. So they can go to the cinema without any problems.

Forum Istanbul, Gordion, Forum Marmara which are the part of Multi EU, wanted to increase the number of visitors and get to know them better. They were looking for more efficient loyalty program than the lottary scenarios.

Conventional methods do not provide enough customer satisfaction and the marketing budget can not be restored to shopping malls. To solve this problem, they have developed a project to top-up rewards instantaneously according to their spendings.

AVMs set up unique campaigns for their customers and found the opportunity to collect CRM information while giving money rewards by using ininal APIs.

Multi EU get access to all its customers and created a potential pool of money that could be spent within the shopping mall.